Essential Software for Business Coaches

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Tired of doing endless paperwork and keeping on top of your client meeting schedule manually? Find software tools which may make your everyday tasks a whole lot easier and help you enhance efficiency and productivity, so which it is possible to save yourself time for the significant tasks. Innovative developers have established software solutions for virtually any problem you have as a business coach. Apart from automating one-time tasks, applications can make your daily routine more efficient. Here are five essential software tools that simplifies and organises the everyday work of a busy business coaching professional.

  1. Task List. You’ve got a great deal on your plate, and you may be letting major projects fall through the cracks in case you do not have a fantastic method for keeping an eye on to-dos. Sticky notes and bits of newspaper may be great for instant tasks but they get messy and lost. I suggest job management software that syncs between a site and cellular app and has great keyboard shortcuts. There are many simple software programs such as Remember the Milk that allow you to manage tasks and sync on several different platforms. The user interface is neat and a breeze to use the multiple shortcuts. The desktop program and mobile app are great compliments allowing you to get work done and streamline your sales management process in the office and on the move.
  2. Notes: You have to keep tabs on a good deal of information, which information has to be available anytime, anyplace. You do not have enough time to search through note books and typed documents for some simple information. My preferred tool for keeping tabs is Evernote. Its easy-to-use programs for almost any platform sync effortlessly so that you have access to all your data on your telephone, tablet computer, or pc. Evernote is my own electronic mind, and that I really don’t understand how I’d work without it. Any bit of information I want is a fast search away.
  3. Email: If you are reading this you probably use email, but are you currently using email in the very best way? I use Google Apps for all my business email accounts. Google Apps unites email (Gmail), storage (Drive), office software (Documents, Extensions), Calendar, and several other tools. It permits you to utilize your domain name rather than, giving your company a more professional existence. It is affordable and easy to establish. Whether you use Google Apps, then I suggest using email right on your internet browser. I gave up Outlook a very long time before, and I have not missed it one bit. Keyboard shortcuts and strong search capabilities make using email in the browser far more powerful (in my view) than handling another piece of software that stores data in your own PC.
  4. Online Document Storage I store every record I want access to internet. I just keep paper when original files are significant. I use Google Drive for archiving documents which are then ordered into folders. By way of instance, I have folders within my Google Drive for every year of tax files. I utilise Dropbox or Google Docs/Sheets for documents I’m actively working on. Google tools are simple to use and you can manage everything from the cloud. I will readily share and collaborate, and I don’t need to worry about version control. By way of instance, I use Google Sheets for cash flow projections and cost reports. I toss everything in to Evernote that does not have to be in a structured file system.
  5. Business Finance It is important to maintain your business and personal finances separate, and company financial applications makes it simple to monitor the company side. The top programs I suggest for business coaches are Xero, Freshbooks and Quickbooks. All these platforms are great and will keep you on top of your expenses and income.