Perks You Should Give Your Employees

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Most companies all have one thing they agree on and that is their staff are their most valuable asset. This becomes extra important if you work for a small organisation, such as a business IT support company

Many fail to realise the fact that the salaries of today’s workers are more like a threshold rather than a scorecard. There are many ways to keep the staff happy and engaged effectively. 

The company perks are still a major opportunity for companies, and they don’t seem to be taken full advantage of the non-monetary benefits that are there for employees.  A study found that nearly half of the employee would weigh up the perks and benefits in a decision to whether they stay or leave that job. And that is not only amongst network consultants, but all sorts of industries. 

What company do perks tend to matter to your workers?  If it isn’t always the salary then what else could it be?

Employee Perks:


  • Paid sick days
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off/vacation time
  • Performance bonuses
  • Retirement or pension plan
  • Flexible schedule
  • Tuition reimbursements
  • Employee development programs
  • Wellness programs
  • Tech conference programs
  • Diversity program
  • Employee discounts
  • Stock options

Tech conference programs

Tech conferences are happening all the time, the biggest and the best conference coming up would be Pause Fest. Their website has a fairly compelling argument on why you as a boss should send your employees along to network and enjoy a productive day outside of the office.

Paid sick days

This is a popular one that employees want. Paid sick leave means that employees can get back their valuable time and you are letting them be aware that they are appreciated and cared for. It also makes sense to try and keep the office healthy without spreading germs around and everyone gets down with the flu. People who don’t have paid sick leave are more likely to go to work and pass on the germs to workers and other customers than those who are happy to stay at home while being paid for a sick day. This can cause problems when the staff are working closely with customers or are around food like restaurants. If you are offering paid sick leave it lets people know to stay home when they are unwell.
This will keep your employees happy and healthy, so you won’t end up with a widespread illness.

Childcare options

It is quite normal that both parents work within a household that has children which means that childcare is non-negotiable for the millions of employees out there. Childcare costs can add up quite quickly and anything that can ease that burden is very appreciated. Getting help with childcare assistance from different companies seems to be the only way that families can add childcare into their budget and go to work. It seems that with some parents often the mothers working short shifts to work around school times etc are only making enough to cover their childcare rather than actually coming out with childcare paid and a little profit to add to the bank. Even adding a childcare centre on the premises of the business if it is big enough and offer half-price childcare so there is that option to help out the employees who need to work to get by.

Having flexible hours

Offering flexible hours is one of the biggest opportunities in the list of perks that make a difference to the workers.

There is no excuse why this perk isn’t being brought in more widespread. With technology growing and the use of laptops, enterprise chats and smartphones there is no reason why some office jobs couldn’t be done remotely. Allowing workers to work from home one day a week will be a lot for them but will cost the company hardly anything.