What is it really like to work at Google?

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Google seems to have everything that you would expect them to have when they are one of the largest companies within the US in terms of market capitalisation. From gaming centres, organic gardens bicycle and electric cars and even eco-friendly furnishings. Google wants to ensure that the lives of its employees are easier. And it doesn’t stop there. Google is researching ways to improve the health and morale of us Googlers also. 

If you love tech and is the kind of person who uses a phone holder for your car (because you love tech) – then working for Google might be for you. If you’re curious to learn more about this, you can have a look at YouTubers talking about popsockets and other phone accessories. 

Google offers on-site nurses, and medical services along with health care coverage so the employees are always happy and healthy. The staff can travel without the worry of anything as they are covered with emergency assistant on both work and personal related vacations and travel insurance also.

Google has one of the best parental leave pay for parents. There are 18 weeks available if the father is the main caregiver and mothers get 22 weeks of maternity leave. New parents are offered one on one appointments to work out their scheduling for day-care. They get $500 to spend on baby bonding and there are four childcare places on just one of its campuses.

There are benefits available to deceased employees families. If an employee at Google dies, Google will pay the partner or spouse 50% of that employees salary annually for 10 years. The children of a deceased Google worker will get $1000 per month until they are 19 (or 23 if they are doing full time studying).

Google has an education leave program which means that employees can leave to pursue more education, which is all covered by Google.

Google is one of the most well-known companies and it gives employees better job prospects shall they decide to leave and go elsewhere. It offers growth in the company for middle management or even the highest-level management opportunities.

Google employees are impacting the society positively with their technology and applications they are working on. They are trying out self-driving cars which means people can catch up on sleep or work while they are travelling. Google is inventing wearable technology in the form of contact lenses that can read the user’s blood glucose level – so better for those with diabetes.

Google will seek out the brightest minds and their employees must be intelligent thinkers which allows for a creative work environment, disruptive innovation and collaboration.

Google offers employees the most innovative work environment cultures. Google has even set forth nine principles all of the innovation. One which encourages the staff to spend around 20% of the time finding innovative ideas in which they are passionate. Their applications like Google news, Google maps and Google alerts have come from this principle.

To help with their morale employees can bring their pets to work and the staff have commented saying that bringing their pets to work encourages their energy levels and motivation along with bringing pleasure to those workers who don’t have pets.

Even though Google only has the most intelligent employees, it’s not rocket science when it comes to their work environment. Google treats the employee with respect and supports their innovative and creative endeavours. If bringing their pet to work or having on-site childcare options makes an employee work better so be it they say.