Apps That Can Be Used To Order Food

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Times have changed and now we are seeing more and more things that we didn’t expect. Did you know there are now apps available where you can order food? We all know it can be difficult calling a restaurant and ordering some food. Sometimes you get put on hold or you cannot hear properly due to the background noise and other times you might be calling a different nationality food place and have trouble understanding the person.

There are many people who simply hate talking on the phone and it can be annoying having to engage in a conversation when you normally hate talking to people. Especially if you’re travelling. For example, if you were in Hobart and wanted some breakfast, you might not want to call a cafe you’ve never been to. Here with technology we now have apps where we can order food for delivery with the simple use of our mobile devices. This means you can quickly order your food, not have to be social or struggle to hear on the phone.  Some people worry that delivery apps are shutting down our human to human socialising, but it is bringing more people to buying the food they normally wouldn’t due to whatever reason they have for not wanting to call to order. The apps chosen below are top rated and gives you access to ordering food without the hassle. 

get dinner in Hobart

If you are wondering what apps are the best pick outs for take-away food here they are:

Hey You

This app is fantastic for those who love morning coffee. It can track all of your previous orders so you can re-order them if you like. After a morning coffee and toast at work but don’t want to get caught on the phone as the calls take ages? Not to worry with hey you, you can order toast, coffee or any other food and drinks,


This was once known as suppertime and it completely sells itself with the fact that it is nothing like menu log and it won’t confuse you when trying to simply order your food. I wanted to use this to get dinner in Hobart, but I never got the chance! I will try it on my next trip or for lunch some day. It has a list of proper restaurants that are reputable and highly recommended. The app is easy to use and navigate. It can be found on the app store or google play store.


Skip is the competition for Hey You. Skip is good for the coffee fiends and makes your ordering so much easier. With a simple interface, you cannot get mixed up and confused. If you hate standing in the long lines waiting for some food or just a coffee check out who’s on skip and see if a shop you like can be ordered through Skip and avoid those delaying lines.


Menulog is an app that everyone knows how to use. It has a big catalogue of small corner takeaway to larger venues. Menulog has a loyalty discount program and a discount for newcomers. Why not grab some free food from a few stores and enjoy tasting something different? We don’t like paying full price to try something new with fears we won’t like it. With a decent discount why not try something different and you might come across the new favourite.

Make sure you choose something healthy, yeah? 😉