Creative Ideas for Web Development

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Coming up with a good website design is a difficult task. When your creative juices don’t flow the way you want them to it becomes even more tiring and exhausting. There is a lot of scope when it comes to web development, from deciding what kind of website do you want to what theme goes with it.

We have tried making some pointers which might be of some use to you!


  1. Create a plan

Go step by step, Define your goals first as you need to know what is expected out of your website and know what your visitor’s journey on your site would look like.


  1. Do the SQUINT test

To analyze the structure of your website design, take this test to know the most prominent elements of your website. Move away from the screen and squint your eyes. The blurred images will show you what the first timers will notice on your website.


  1. Follow the rules

There are certain protocols which should be followed by you when you design your website as it increases the google ranking and visibility. Some rules are as follows:

  • Keep the logo on the left
  • The search bar should be in the header
  • Keep navigation simple
  • The navigation bar stays on the top ALWAYS
  • Add your social media handles in the footer

Planning web content


  1. Content formatting is MUST

Content is something that your visitors consume! It’s important to format your website well in order to make it readable. Include headings, sub-heading, lists and don’t forget to optimize your font well.


  1. Speed Up!

How long does it it for your website to load? To test your website speed use Google’s PageSpeed insight test or GTmetrix. They will scrutinize your web page and will determine what can be done to speed up.


  1. Simplicity is the key

Don’t complicate your website, Keep it minimalistic. Prioritize the important content and create a call to action, so that visitor finds a way to contact you. Too much content and graphics causes clutter and makes the website unattractive.


  1. Link your Social Media Accounts

Embed your social media icons at the right bottom which leads the visitor to your page. This will increase the traffic and engagement on your social media platforms. Keep your social media updated so that the visitor doesn’t forget about you.


  1. Curate the chat feature

Get their queries and doubts cleared right there and then! Add a chat feature so that the visitor can drop in her/his queries and questions to you and you can answer them. This adds up to your credibility.


  1. Add high quality Backlinks

Great backlinks are fundamentally SEO money: the more you have, the better your site will rank. “Link” here means other sites. For example, Wikipedia has a lot of backlinks and reason why ranks higher. Adding credible links improves your site ranking and provides

Quality information to the user.

Use Pinterest to break the monotony

If you ever go through a creative block or if you are confused on how to go with the look and feel of your website. Pinterest is the solution! Collect your visual material or gain certain ideas from here, you will find images, layouts, colors and a lot more here!

Consistently, new sites are propelled and it never neglects to stun how imaginative individuals can be when thinking of their own extraordinary ideas. So what is that fabulous site thought brewing inside your brain? These were some suggestions from our side! Hoping that some of them were of help. Try giving life to your ideas today. Be it a creative, technical or practical concept, there Is a website for all and a design to cater to all specifications.