Coloured Contacts For Date Night

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You can own a pair of lenses that will help you to gain that beautiful dream gaze that will just melt the heart of your crush.  If you are heading out on a date or you are just looking for a new pair of contacts to match the season, the design and color of your eyes can be embraced with a beautiful pair of lenses. Do you want an innocent look? A dreamy look? Perhaps it is a Halloween date night occasion, and you would prefer something a little creepy to set the mood? There is an endless supply of coloured contact lenses to choose from and there is certainly something there to suit everyone.

Are you looking for the most natural contacts?

natural coloured eye lenses and hazel coloured lensesSome people want a natural pair of lenses to make it appear as their natural eyes. The dreamy lens collection is a great option to find the contact lenses that can help you to reach your desires all while looking natural. Ensure you are buying high-quality lenses that come in color ranges like green contacts, gray, blue, and brown. You can turn the shadow of your dull iris into something that is fresh and new in a few short minutes, matching your personality and your style. If you are simply bored with your current eye color, use coloured contact lenses and change it up and spice up the color to lock in date night.

Freshtone Misty Gray

These are the perfect type of lenses when you want to radiate some warmth towards your date. The stunning contacts are lacking the dark outer ring, so they look very much like your natural eyes. The lovely dark color is a way to spice things up with a slight feeling of naughtiness that will make it hard for your love to turn their head away from you.

Freshtone Pure Blue

What person doesn’t crave blue eyes? Blue contacts are one of the most popular contact lens colors that people ask for. Blue is a very extraordinary color to wear in the eyes and it conveys depth. There are many different shades of blue from the very lightest to darker shades of real deep-sea blue. Blue eyes will make your crush want to know more about you and helps to create a ring of mystery around the wearer. What shade of blue will you choose?

Freshtone Pure Violet

Now violet is something a little rarer but will certainly get you noticed. The violet in lenses is so vivid and is commonly used for those who like to cosplay. You can get rare shades of violet mixed with a blue that looks more natural than others.

There is no right or wrong color to wear but you do need to take note of your complexion and work out whether the dark or lighter shades suit your skin color. If you are unsure seek advice from professionals who can help match you perfectly and find natural-looking contact lenses to your complexion. You don’t need to be set with just one colour and you can buy a few types of disposable ones and play around with the colors. Perhaps you want to be different and wear one blue and one violet? The possibilities are endless and once you find the contact lenses you have been dreaming of it’s time to organize that long-awaited date night.

Although you use coloured contact lenses and they are usually very safe. But make sure you care for your eyes since they are very sensitive. Sample lenses before committing to one brand for long.