Removal V/S Relocation Services

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People often get confused between a relocation and removal team as they tend to think of them as interchangeable. The term removal is very traditional and is used when you need to physically move all your stuff to a different place. This is sometimes called a relocation but the classic meaning for relocation includes the support services like city orientation, cross-cultural training homes, and education advice.

Relocation services will often start long before your actual removal is booked to be done. You might be required to fill out a questionnaire and exchange other information that is called a needs assessment. Completing a needs assessment provides the much-needed correct information to your commercial relocation service consultant who will be taking care of your job and personalizing the preparation that will incorporate your requirements that you need to be fulfilled regarding your working and personal lifestyle.

Relocation service specialistsA relocation service will give you professional advice and the right guidance, so you can make the right decisions right from the start. Getting local knowledge through your relocation services consultant can not only save you time but also money and preventing mistakes. This is essential when it comes to choosing the right home or business and the suburb that will fit in with your lifestyle and family.

The removal services are more so about taking your belongings from where you are currently living to a new place without any further assistance or services, just as you would when going through a relocating team. But an office relocation service team would provide you with comprehensive assistance right from the start till the end.

If you are moving down the road, chances are you don’t need much assistance with the area and local knowledge. If heading overseas, you might benefit from relocation services as the chances of not knowing the new place where you are heading and eventually running into a roadblock are high.

Removals services:

  • Packing
  • Domestic transport
  • Delivery services
  • Custom clearance
  • Storage
  • Transit insurance
  • Unpacking

Relocation services we offer:

  • Home and lease negotiation
  • City orientation
  • Cross-cultural training
  • Education search
  • Immigration services
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Utility connection

When you are deciding which office relocation service you want to work with, ensure you do your research. Unfortunately, not all moving companies are the same and will provide you with equal service. There are a few companies that will go above and beyond, while some are just incompetent and cannot be trusted to carry out the job successfully. Research the company reviews and ask for feedback from others who have used the same company. You want to go with a team that has a good track record and is happy to show you certificates and business numbers.

This will be the same whether you are going to employ a small family business or a big corporation. People tend to think if a business is huge, it must be good but not all will be suited to you. Research, so you know exactly what to expect when the big day arrives.

Whether you choose relocation services or removalists will eventually boil down to your wants and needs, and just who can supply them to you the way you want. Aim for a stress-free move,  since moving houses or business as it is a big ordeal and going through a company that has messed you around from the start is a red flag and you don’t need the extra stress.

Take care and write a list of everything important to your move so you can be sure to ask those questions before hiring a team.