Is Office Relocation Worth The Stress?

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Did you know that companies do not tend to relocate out of fear and stress? Moving to a new house is stressful and when people think about moving a business with all the furniture, employee’s items, and lockers as well as getting all paperwork in order and transferring equipment, it all can seem like a nightmare. Several things can make the stressful situations even worse like disruptions, cost, business downtime, and getting everyone and everything organized.

When you delay your move, it doesn’t take the stress away, it just prolongs it which can eventually amplify. So, the best thing to do when it comes to moving is to reduce stress. Stress doesn’t last but the reason you are relocating may last. If every little detail is pre-planned, then the office relocation can be beneficial for the company.  Commercial relocation services can be hired to make this process smooth and efficient. These commercial relocation services not only will move the equipment, files, and other things, but also will help plan the move using their expertise in this field.

There are a few things that you can do to help keep stress at a minimum, such as:

Informing the employees well before the move

You must let the workers know you plan to move. The staff also need to prepare and if you are moving a great distance where some might not be able to travel, they can have enough time to look for other work. It can cause havoc dropping news like relocation at the last minute which can create more stress than the actual move. Most staff members will be ok with the move if they have plenty of notice and are aware of what is going on.

Get the workers involved

It can feel awful and stressful for employees if they are left just standing on the sidelines. Get the staff involved. This will help to keep the morale high by helping them feel important during the process. You can get the workers involved in many ways such as:

  • Ask the staff what they want in the new office and what they would like to change. They might like the desks positioned in a different way to what they are now or more lighting around their work area.
  • The staff work in the office, sit in the chairs, and eat in the staff room. There is no point having the furniture set haphazardly or anyhow. it should be laid out as per their preference. Get a survey going about how things should be laid out and which things should be included/excluded.
  • Hold meetings often and ensure everyone is updated about the relocations. This will ensure the stress levels are kept at a low and no gossip and rumors are floating around and getting people confused.
  • Once the new office is set up before opening ask the staff to take a tour and see what they think, what would they change before opening?

Fresh equipment

New office space with new equipmentA good way to encourage and lower stress when it comes to relocating is to buy fresh equipment. Are your computers slow and lag at the worse possible time? Then invest in new ones, so the staff has new, high-tech tools and equipment to look forward to. If you have old rocky chairs, consider new comfortable chairs such as economic chairs that staff will make the office environment more work-friendly.

Office relocation consultants or office relocation specialists will help in this entire process. They will take over the entire relocation project and plan it while considering every aspect, that is, right from the budget, the office furniture, the opinions of employees about the furniture, and also ensure that all this is done within the suggested timeframe.

Change can be stressful whether it is a small change or a huge, complex one. Being organized, getting professional help, and getting your employees involved can help lower the stress from relocation.